SC Sviluppo Chimica

SC Sviluppo chimica S.p.a., a service company fully owned by Federchimica, supports chemical companies by offering professional services in several areas: Safety, Product Management, and Industrial Hygiene; Transport and Logistics; Energy and Sustainable Development; R&D and Venture Capital, IT Support, Industrial Relation and National Collective Labour Contract, outsourcing of administrative services.

In order to realize its services, SC Sviluppo chimica S.p.a. acts through:

  • monitoring calls of proposal made by European Commission and other international organization  and setting up proposal with chemical companies, in particular SMEs
  • organizing training courses for managers and public officers
  • identifying suitable financial resources at disposal of Chemical Companies’ investments in R&D (risky funds such as venture capital) and energy efficiency (public support mechanism and grants).


SC Sviluppo Chimica
Via Giovanni da Procida 11
20149 Milano

Tel. +39 02 34565.1
Fax +39 02 34565.312